Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our History's Future Campaign: Library of Congress' Veterans History Project

This summer we were honored to receive a subcontract from Ardelle Associates via Scott Circle to work with Library of Congress' Veterans History Project.

Our team was tasked with creating an ad and media buy strategy for the DC Metro Area to bring attention to their call for WWII veteran testimonies. The campaign was a success and ran in transit systems in DC, MD and VA as well as on the radio, online, TV and in print. Below are some samples of the campaign that had over 20 million impressions.

Many veterans, particularly of the Greatest Generation, are hesitant to share their story, so the ad campaign was targeted to loved ones and volunteers in the veteransphere to convince them to share their stories for posterity. 

A very special thanks to Laura Gross (Scott Circle), Nicci Olds (Ardelle Asscociates), Monica Mohindra and her team at Veterans History Project as well as our graphic team lead by Joe Mach.

UPDATE: The campaign will now be used in various states across the country. The next place to run the campaign will be of all places, Northern Mariana Islands, Northeast of Guam!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Pony Pop Up for Equus!

KRPR clients, Constellation Theatre, is presenting Equus. What better way to promote a play centered around horses than a Pony Pop Up in front of their theater on the bustling 14th Street. People passing by on their way to brunch and those that read about it in the media (DCist, Washington Post, Borderstan, etc.) came to see the ponies happily waiting to be pet and photographed. Over an estimated thousand people stopped by during the 3 hour event including NPR's Steve Inskeep who Tweeted about it and WJLA news team.

Get tickets for Equus, running until Valentine's Day.

A special thanks to the Big D's Pony Rides, LLC who were a pleasure to work with and whose horses were the sweetest we have ever seen. Also, special thanks to DC's Department of Health Animal Services Program as well as the Motion Picture and Television Development Office who helped with permitting.