Thursday, July 23, 2015

Great Press for a Great Cause

This month KRPR began working with a Washington, DC-based organization called Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop. The goal of Free Minds is to introduce incarcerated and formally-incarcerated youths to literature and writing in effort to expose them to the wider world and allow them positive ways of expressing themselves. Recently Free Minds was a awarded a $25,000 prize at the Aspen Ideas Festival for their work on a volunteer-ran program called "On the Same Page." The way this specific program works is that incarcerated youth write poetry about their experiences and then community volunteers read those poems at events. During the events other members of the community write feedback and express the ways in which the poetry has connected with them. The idea behind the program is to help tear down the separation between those behind bars and the outside world to which they will one day return. KRPR is honored to work with such and worthy cause and have been delighted to help garner press for this endeavor. You can read one such article by clicking this link. For those wishing to volunteer or get involved in some way, feel free to contact KRPR or Free Minds directly.